Mehka from Notes from the Underground TV caught up with R&B singer R.L. in Atlanta a few weeks ago. He talked about his upcoming album "515", his new single "Boo'd Up", which he's shot the video for, his musical direction and more.

He shed light on life after the group Next and what it's like being in the spotlight and studio without them. He also treated the crew to a performance of "Too Close". Check out all of the action after the break.

R.L. is one of the true R&B artists out there right now.  I'm happy to see him coming back. Over the years, he's been writing behind the scenes but he still recorded tracks of his own and they leaked. My favorite to date as you all know is "Ain't You" and I can't get enough of it.

I dig "Boo'd Up" as well. I can detect the album's direction from those two songs so I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for sending this in Mehka.I hope for nothing but success with Notes from the Underground. Keep me posted on more that you do.