Fantasia has wrapped up her new album "The Side Effects of You" and it is expected to be released April 23rd. She's been working with Harmony from B.O.E. Global on her entire album as well as different writers. The process has been documented by my good friend Brandon Jermaine for B.O.E. Films.

If you missed the first installed "Lose to Win" check it out here which documented her thoughts the the process of the single. The next two are called "Strangers to Family" and "Writing". Inside she talks about how much she grew to love the B.O.E. crew from day one and her being more involved with writing on her new album. Check it out below.

Strangers to Family


I just love watching the process of an album being created. Seeing and hearing the lyrics being wrote and sung just opens my eyes at the creativity that is put forward. Everyone chimes in with how they think it should be sang and how it should sound. It's definitely a long process but that's what it takes for a great album. I'm expecting nothing but the best from this project. #Rock&Soul! Thanks for the videos Brandon! Keep them coming!