Now clearly she got time fo' dis! Sweet Brown, who's real name is Kimberly Wilkins,  has filed a lawsuit against music, computer and software giant Apple for $15 million. She's suing them for using her Youtube sensation for profit without her permission.

A radio program called "The Bob Rivers" show aired a song called "I Got Bronchitis" which featured audio of her interview and was used without her permission. Then iTunes began to sale the song making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now she wants her cut. Check out the article below.

Sweet Brown is suing Apple, a radio program called The Bob Rivers Show, and a handful of other parties for unauthorized use of her likeness, according to court documents.

The basis of the lawsuit stems from a song called “I Got Bronchitis.” The Bob Rivers Show, according to Sweet Brown’s complaint, produced the song with samples from Wilkins’ interview with the local TV-news station. The song sampled phrases like, “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” “Ran for my life,” and “Oh, Lord Jesus it’s a fire.”

The suit claims that in April 2012, the defendants started selling the song on iTunes for profit. It also claims the radio program and its owner falsely advertised that Sweet Brown had given her consent for the radio station to use her voice and likeness in the song.

The suit was first filed in the District Court of Oklahoma County in June 2012. At that time, Wilkins sought a total of $15 million from the defendants. The suit has since moved to the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma.
Source: CLUB Fail & NewsOne

Do you think she has a case? Do you think Apple even made that much money from the song? $15 million? If she wins, then I will definitely call it a come up. Started from the bottom now we're heree!