Lil Kim is just an all around hot ass mess. The struggling rapper has been the talk of blogs over the past few days since the above picture hit the web. She slammed the paparazzi and others saying that people have altered her photos to destroy her image......bitch what image? How can you destroy something that's already been destroyed YEARS ago?

With that being said, on the Wendy Williams show, Wendy gave Kim the benefit of the doubt and showed off another photo taken that same evening and Kim looked nothing like the above photo. She looked like something....I would say pretty but that's too much of a compliment. So long story short, Wendy ended the topic by blasting Kim's plastic surgery for making her look the way she does.

That set Kim off! She's already under pressure and in a legal battle with her former lawers for god knows what. She also had Twitter stand off with former fans and a loyal fan base who she completely blocked after they spoke the truth about her plastic surgery. Kim then directed her attention to Ms. Wendy Williams after she god word of what Wendy said about her on T.V.

Once Kim's picture flashed across the screen, Wendy damn near spat our her tea from laughingg at the audiences reaction. She went on to say that the face of Lil Kim has undergone over a decade of plastic surgery. I'll just let you watch the video below. Start att the 3:45 mark.

Then after that, Lil Kim took to Twitter to respond..

OH NO SHE DIDN'T GO THERE!! All around hot mess!! Of course, those tweets have been deleted. Thank god for screen capture. But Lil Kim needs to get over herself. Who cares if it was photoshopped. People get photo shopped all the time. Hell, Chris Brown was photo shopped having gay sex multiple times and it has yet to ruin his image.

It's hard to ruin an image that's already destroyed. Her shipped sailed back in 1998 and it didn't turn back.