Excited yet? Well, you better get there! After years and years of requests for a Girlfriends movie from fans went ignored, it looks as if a movement is about to start. The stars of the show just might have a movie on the way.

News broke as the creator of the show Mara Brock-Akil and producers spilled the beans about getting the cast together for a movie. Everything is said to be in the legal stages as it takes quite some time to get EVERYONE on board. But it looks as if it's all aboutt o happen.

So far, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jill Marie Jones and Persia White are all on board for a movie according to recent interviews. The only one that wasn't down a few years back was Golden Brooks, but maybe that has changed. Check out the article below.

Hello Girlfriends Fans,
Good news! I have been speaking with Akil Productions and the powers that be are in talks to REUNITE the cast of “Girlfriends” for a movie! But before we all get excited, It takes a long time to get something like this put together and we are now in the legal stage.

We have to get all the actors on board, writers, a script, financing, then there are many contracts to work out! Now the Girlfriends reunion I have in mind will ONLY take place when Tracee Ellis Ross (Joan Clayton), Jill Marie Jones (Antoinette “Toni” Marie Childs Garrett), Golden Brooks (Maya Wilkes), Persia White (Lynn Searcy), Reggie Hayes (William Dent) have said yes, along with Khalil Kain (Darnell Wilkes) and Keesha Sharp (Monica Charles Brooks-Dent).

We are also hoping for Jason Pace (Dr. Todd Garrett), Jenifer Lewis (Veretta Childs), Richard T. Jones (Aaron), Ronnie (Lamont Johnson), Peaches (Shawn Harrison), and Charles Swedelson (Phil Reeves), along with all the favorite minor characters.

During recent events actress, Kristen Bell who starred on UPN’s and then the CW’s drama Veronica Mars as well as a mega fan, Rob Thomas, recently, raised money to fund the Veronica Mars movie, they raised $2,000,000 in ONE day and are currently at $4 million.

I was thinking this was something we could do and then propose to Akil Productions, Grammnet Productions, Paramount Network Television, CBS Paramount Network Television & CBS Television Distribution, that we are all serious about getting Girlfriends The Movie on the Road. I’ve already set up something on Kickstarter, when Akil Productions gives me the go ahead, only then will it will go live. I will keep you posted – Stacey
Source: Reality Wives

I'm ready for this to finally happen!! Lets make it happen! They deserve it!! Let us rejoyce and sing...I cant believe it!!