Well, it has happened again. This time, I'd say for good reason. Ashanti has pushed back her long awaited album "BraveHeart"for the millionth time. It was most recently set for a June 4th release, but that saw her colliding with the likes of Kelly Rowland's "Talk A Good Game" and Ciara's "One Woman Army". She said oh hell no!

So the album was pushed back a week later to June 11th. It was a smart move because no other urban female acts are out on that day. But watch, someone will announce an album release on that day and she will push it back again. Hell, her first sinlge "The Woman You Love" came out in December of 2011. Beyonce had Blue Ivy, raised her, Rihanna put out a whole new album, Whitney Houston died...
...even Aaliyah released a new single and she's been gone for over 10 years...SMH. I guess we'll just wait. Luckily, I'm diggning "Never Should Have". If she releases more songs like that then we won't have a need for a delay.

Come on Written Entertainment!! Lets get it together! But I get it, she wants to see the numbers. She doesn't really stand a chance against Kelly Rowland and Ciara....That would have been a chart showdown! Needless to say, June 11th is when you will get your hands on "BraveHeart".