The lord does answer prayers. Rapper Azealia Banks' Twitter days are finally OVER as the rapper was forced to relinquish her account over to her management team who will now provide updates for the star on the social networking site.

The move comes after months and months of the brat igniting fights and spats with other people in the business. She's fought with Rita Ora, Perez HiltonLil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Angel Haze, A$AP Rocky, and I could go on and on...but I wont.

Not only for the fights but also her personal tweets in general. Some of which are offensive, and senseless. So her management is trying to clean up her act before her album drops and you know a good image is requited to release a successful album. So what did they do to her tweets?

They deleted each and every one of them. Every tweet that she made in 2013 has been erased with the exception of one that was made 8 hours ago. Talk about cleaning up your act. She clearly needs this kind of treatment. It just makes her look like an immature artist.

I've always called hr a brat because she acts like one. Now she's being treated like one. You're Twitter privileges have been taken away because you don't know how to be a grown woman. Now, you can't do whatever you want. SMH.