Beyonce's new H&M campaign has gone full force.She recently released her spread for the company and debuted her shopping bag for them, now the commercial has been released. She flaunts her new sexy beach body having nothing but fun in the sun.

She's sporting the new collection at H&M which will be available in stores and worldwide next month. She also debuted a new song which was penned by Sia. It's called "Standing on the Sun" with some hot choreography to go with it. Check out the 90 second clip after the break.

This is flawless...I simply have no words....well just a few. I'm love the commercial and I dig the song in it. I wasn't feeling that black hair, or the bathing suit she was wearing with it. It made her look more masculine than the super bowl photos. Also, I think that she was makeup-less in those shots of her splashing around in the water.

No mam, these were not flattering to my eyes. But everything else about the commerical was grade A. I loved the bikini shots and the floral scenes she had. Those looked amazing. The ending when she was in her chair was alright.....Maybe it's the black hair. She think she's fierce, but not so much with the black hair. Keep it blonde! Forever! In Every commercial.

Then you have the sexy shots like these..

 If you never got the chance to see her full spread with H&M check it out below.

Also, last night she debuted a live performance of her song"Grown Woman" which was used in the Pepsi commercial  a few weeks back.Check it below.