Speechless is a term that most of us are familiar With, we've all been speechless at one point or another and so have some of favorite artists. This Blast from the Past will be guessed it....songs that are titled "Speechless".

There are mainly four that I personally like. They are from Beyonce, Ciara, Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys. Each of these women crafted a song and titled it "Speechless" and they each have their very own distinctive sounds and meaning even though they have the same name. Check it out below.

 For Beyonce, her track "Speechless" was featured on her solo debut album "Dangerously in Love". It was probably the most desiring and sensual track on the album for me. Every time I listened, I pictured a vivid hot and steamy video because the lyrics were just that. It is also one of the few songs that she pushed her stellar vocal ability to the limit while hitting the impressive notes and runs at the end. The track wasn't released as a single but definitely wasn't overlooked as it quickly became a fan favorite. She performed the song during her "Dangerously In Love"  and "The Beyonce Experience" world tours. The "Live at Wembly" version is my favorite, but it's so old that its hard to find. So check out The Beyonce Experience performance of "Speechless" below and the audio from Wembly.

 Next, we have the lovely Ciara. "Speechless" was the second single from her criminally underrated and under-performing album "Basic Instinct". The track was produced and written by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. The song didn't even crack the Billboard's Hot 100 chart but managed to peak at #76 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Chart. The song got mixed reviews from critics and fans and so did the video. I however, absolutely loved them both!! I can listen to the song ALL DAY and not get tired of it. The video I can watch over and over because for one she looked really good in it. There was something about that hair, the jeans and the cut off shirt that I just couldn't get enough of. So, yes I was upset about the under performance of the song because I thought and still think it is one of her most solid efforts to date! It wasn't properly promoted  properly, nor was it performed on anyone's stage which sucks! I'm sure it would have been hot!! It's one of my favorite songs from her. Check it out below.

You Alicia Keys fans....please don't judge me because I just found out this song existed the moment I began this post. I've been meaning to do this "Speechless" post for quite sometime now and when I started to Youtube the term, she popped up....and I was like damn now I have to add her to the list and switch it from three times to four. Her song features Eve and it's a smooth effort. I like it but it didn't strike me like her other songs do but it's a good one to listen to. The song wasn't released as a single, but as a Christmas gift to her fans in December of 2010. They enjoyed the song so much that it made it's way onto the Billboard's R&B Singles Chart peaking at #71. The song was penned by Keys and produced by her hubby Swizz Beatz. It was written for about about her son Egypt Check it out below.

Last but not least is the one and only Lady Gaga. I'm a sucker for ballads. A lot of her little monsters didn't like this track, but I loved it. The song was lifted from her E.P. (I refuse to consider it an album) "Monster" and was written for her father to convince him to undergo open heart surgery  also as a reminder for her fans to love and appreciate their parents. The song was not released as a single but managed to make it's way onto the Billboard Charts as well. She also performed the song at a number of events, her tour and television shows. I don't listen to it as much now, but every now and then, I'll give it a spin on the ole iPod. Gaga has been off the radar lately following a emergency surgery. She's said to be recovering well and is still putting the finishing touches on her album "Artpop" which should be released sometime or later this year. Check out the track below.

Which is your favorite "Speechless" song? Comment and vote below.