Chris Brown is not playing around with this album. Last year, he opted out of interviews and things of that nature becuase he wanted the attention to only be on his music. That failed so it looks like things were turned around for his new album "X".

The singer stopped by the Today Show and chatted with host Matt Lauer about his new album, his single "Fine China", Rihanna and more. He also opened up about being more humble and a changed individual. Check it out below.

I really felt that Matt was attacking Chris. I mean, the tone and the nature of his questio, to me, felt like he was antagonizing Chris. I get it, it's the producers, the studio or whoever, but damn...give him some slack.

The entire interview centered around his dispute with Rihanna that happmed 4 years ago. As soon as he opened the box, the questions just came. Clearly Chris Brown is a changed man because he sat there, listened and fully answered the questions. Last time he broke a damn window.

But this time he sat there and answered without diverging to another subject matter or anything. The sad thing is that, it seems like this new album and the rest of his interviews will be built from the Rihanna incident.

I'm already reading comments that people think he's using the Rihanna incident as food for promotion, to get on t.v. and to do interviews for the new album. But whatever. I'm happy he's coming back around. This interview, to me at least, looks like a step in the right direction.