Sorry trannys and gays but your favorite Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee has went back into the closest, contrary from yesterday's report. A report hit the inter-web indicating that he came out of the admitted to being gay at a nightclub after photos surfaced of him lip locking with another male.

Well, big dawgs over at The Huffington Post needed confirmation so they contacted his management team and the claims have been dismissed. They suggested that he's been a victim of internet defamation  and released a statement on his behalf. Check it out below.

Once again social networks are the protagonists in spreading false news, which have been replicated by other media involving a public figure.

The story that is circulating about Daddy Yankee’s homosexuality declaration is a false story written by an Internet portal as many others, dedicated to fabricate and disseminate news through social networks,” said Helga García, president of Perfect Partners Public Relations.

Source: Huffington Post

Well, this isn't the first gay rumor about him but it looks like this one royally pissed him off. And you know what they say when a gay rumor surfaces and one is highly pissed about it....