I just love Kelly Rowland and her interviews, especially with The Breakfast Club. They are so funny. She was there this morning and gave a nice and lenghty interview with the 105.1 crew and boy oh boy did they grill her.

They talked about things like sex,her song "Kisses Down Low", Keyshia Cole jabs, Blue Ivy, and much much more. She also hinted that her new album "Talk A Good Game" may not see the June 4th release date as originally planned. Check out the interview below.

On receiving "Kisses Down Low":
I think that's very important.  The main thing is just know what you're doing.  It's very important between two people to be completely honest about everything including that.  You have to make sure you teach them what's going on.....

On dating:
I like the fact that I have something to myself.  And on the album I share what I want to share.  I’m not married. I’m not engaged.

On Jamie Foxx flirting with you:
I was so embarassed when that happened. We’re doing a movie together, it’s a really cool project that he asked me to be on. Jamie’s my friend. That’s weird. Jamie’s my boy.

On photos of her crying the day of her birthday:
On my birthday I had an epiphany about life and it made me very emotional.  I was thinking about family, friendship, the things I wanted and the things I haven't conquered. It makes me happy.  I feel like the sky is the limit and I can do what I want.

On marriage and babies:
I truly believe that when it's my time to be married and have a child I will.  Because in all honestly, I'm still selfish.  I like my life the way it is.

On how she changed the game with "EDM" (electronic dance music)":
While I was in Europe I was inspired.  EDM.  I was the first one, who did "When Love Take's Over."  My fans say it all the time and I didn't even think about it.  They hipped me to this game.  Then everybody started doing it.  It started to become a trend in the States.  It was only a matter or time and if it wasn't me it would have been somebody else....but it was me!

On Beyonce's "Bow Down":
When you undersand as a woman, you can accept the record. People gon’ talk–who cares? You’re an artist, you’re allowed to try out new things. I think that she’s blessed to have freedom.

On how she is with Blue Ivy: 
I don’t talk about my niece. That’s just for me and my niece.

On Keyshia Cole and her Twitter remarks:
You know what, do you have to hit somebody or give somebody words? Silence is the best power. Just keep talkin’. I don’t think that it’s important to respond back. You don't have to do that.  We're too grown for that stuff

She's been keeping it cute. She's not one for the drama so the whole Keyshia Cole thing jst doesn't phase her. Though, I am kind of upset about the album. From the sounds of things, it's not even done.So of course it won't be released in June. We'll see a push back soon.