And it's not about Kim Kardashian right? Ray J can't pour me water and tell me it's strawberry kool-aid. I can see right through him like he was bathing in Windex. The fool premiered the video for his latest single "I Hit It First" which is a direct shot at his ex girlfriend, you know who.

The video features a splitting image of the reality star as well as video recording frame work and to top it off, he's watching a reality television show on E! towards the end of the video. But it's not about Kim K. Kanye West needs to slap a bottle across his head. Check out the video below.

I can't believe I watched this mess. This is exactly what happens when you give a lame ass dude some pussy! The second single is gonna be "I Hit It Last" dedicated to Whitney Houston. SMDH..It the mist of it all, the whole song promoted things like this.

A mess...but in all honestly, I think that this is very disrespectful and invasive of Ray J for even allow his brain cells to even genreate the thought of berating someone while they're in a happy relationship and with child. I just knew he was gonna drop the entire thing but he didn't. He thinks it's cute and funny...Well it's not.