"Harpo...who's this woman?"

Well now, it looks as if dipping inside of Teairra Mari isn't enough for Ray J. The singer is planning on releasing a diss track about non other than his ex girlfriend Kim Kardashian. He still feels responsible for her success.

Above is the official artwork for the single which is called "I Hit It First". The song was produced by Nic Nac, features Bobby Bracikns and will premiere exclusively on TMZ this coming Monday morning. The following day, it will be made available to purchase on iTunes.

Clearly, he wants to let the world know, what we already know. We've seen the damn sex tape. The photo used in the cover is simply a pixelated picture of Kim wearing a bikini on the beach a few months back.

I don't really care for Kim, but home girl has been minding her own business ever since she left Ray J. Why is he so bitter? I think he's jealous of her success. I don't understand how he feels responsible for her success. That sextape didn't do anything. It was a simple flick.

She used the sextape to her advantage. She went around talking about it. She did interviews, talk shows, you name it. The more she talked about it, other things came around for her. People actually found her interesting...I don't know why. I'd rather watch paint dry.

But the world loved her. She bit the bacon while it was hot. Ray J on the other hand, didn't bite. He sat and watched Kim bite and eat it all up until she was big fat and famous. She dated a basketball star, got married, had a multi-million dollar wedding, is dating Kanye West, STILL MARRIED and has a damn baby on the way. Oh and she's still big fat and famous.

What does Ray J have to show for himself? A failed reality show with his family......and he has the NEVER to try to diss someone...