This looks to be a chilling thriller. The Michael Bay produced film is called "The Purge" and will hit theaters May 31st.  and the concept is very interesting. It takes place in the near future and the United States has become a utopia. It's better than it has ever been throughout the history of the country.

Unemployment rate is at a 1%, crime rate is at an all time low...VERY LOW and the reason being because the government created a program called "The Purge". For one night out of the year over a 12 hour period, nothing is against the law. The emergency lines and hospitals are all closed and all criminal activity, including murder, rape, robbery and more are deemed legal until sunrise.

The Purge acts as a therapeutic cleansing for the American people to get out all of their anger and frustration in one night which keeps the crime rate low. The film centers around a middle class family that are normally protected from the purge but this time allows an outside into their home and brings unwanted company. Check out the trailer below.