Beyonce Warns Fan After He Slapped Her A$$ / by

She's not called the queen for no reason. Beyonce had to put a fan in his place after he smacked her right on the a$$ during one of her tour stops in Denmark last night. The diva was getting the crowd amped for the performance of "Irreplaceable".

She walked to the stage and allowed a fan to sing a part of the song while he was in the crowd. When she turned to walk away, he jumped up and planted on right on the fantabulous ass that she has. She then stopped quickly and provided a nice and classy warning to the idiot. Check it out below.

You clearly heard her say...

“I will have you escorted out right now, alright?”

She will have him removed from the show. She has the kind of power. Where the hell was Julius?! He's slipping! I think that's the closest any fan has ever gotten to her. I wonder what's next? A few weeks ago she got her hair pulled, slapped in the face now she's getting slapped on the ass...Jay-Z is probably mad.