Chris Brown Announces New Single Featuring Aaliyah / by

Talk about being resurrected. Aaliyah's name has been very active over the past few years. From her biopic to a new posthumous album. Last year, a new song was released called "Enough Said" which featured Drake. The song was created from s demo. Now, it looks as if Chris Brown is about to attempt the same.

Only this time around, Aaliyah will be the feature. He announced a new single yesterday and said that it will feature the late princess of R&B. The song is called "They Don't Know" and will be feautred on his new album "X" which is due out July 16th. The video was shot already and will be released within the next few weeks. Check out what he had to say below.

The embattled crooner shot the music video for the Aaliyah tribute song in Compton, Calif. over the weekend, explaining to reporters that he had a very specific artistic concept he wanted to get across in the video. 

"I shot it in the hood," he told reporters. "I went to 60th Street and Cedar Block. [I'm] bringing both worlds together and trying to uplift the poverty side of the community and show them where I'm from. I'm from Virginia, but everybody comes from a broken home or being broke -- I remember when I was." 

According to Complex magazine, the shoot involved about 20 extras dressed in baggy jeans and shorts in typical '90s West Coast wear, at times bopping to the beat on the sidewalk and at times appearing on a rooftop in South Central.
Source: US Weekly

I'm all for new Aaliyah music, however.....A part of me feels that she would have never collaborated with Chris Brown. Furthermore, why is he folllowing in the footsteps of Drake and how are these clowns getting access to unheard vocals of my angel?

From what I know, Blackground Records is in deep shit with the founder Barry Hankerson doing all he can to preserve the labels name. Which looks like selling Aaliyah's unused and unheard vocals, along with demos. I'm sure that's the case.

All of her samples are vaulted and contained by her uncle who oversaw her musical career. He's he only one with access and the rights to do whatever he pleases with the music. Reports surfaced about and album being done last year, but nothing further has developed from that.

But we shall see how this plays out. I wonder how does Drake feel about this? I just hope Chirs isn't using this as a diss or to prove a point or something. One can't help but wonder that he's doing it because Drake did it. I can't wait to hear what it sounds like. Your thoughts?