With her new album due out in July, Ciara is hot and heavy on it's promotion. The singer most recently stopped by Wendy to discuss a few topics. They chatted about her new single "Body Party" and how it's ignited on the charts. It made a top 40 debut last week.

They also talked about the album,stalled career, her social life with Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, her new boo Future and of course the Rihanna beef where Cici kept it short and sweet. It looks as if she's no longer entertaining the situation. Check out the interview below.

On the “hiccups” in her career: “I went through a phase where I was just trying different things in life, whether it was meeting people or meeting new friends. … You gotta try things to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.” 
On her friendship with Nicki Minaj: “We don’t even talk every day, but I feel like she and I have a really cool connection with each other. We talk a bit about the records that we’re doing and every now and then we show love, whether it’s abirthday shout-out. We have a really cool chemistry with each other.” 
On whether she would consider being a judge on a competition show: “I’m not gonna say so much on a singing show because there are some cool things that I’m working on now that I can’t talk about.” 
On her relationship with Kim Kardashian: “Everytime she and I see each other, it’s always all love. … Everything is cool, we just don’t talk the same way we used to talk every day.”
On her “beef” with Rihanna: “I’m totally in a different space and it’s all positivity and love from my perspective and how I get down. I wish her well.”
On her relationship with Future: “In this day in my life, I’m so comfortable in my skin and I feel so good about where I am and I’m very confident and comfortable with the way he loves me. I’m gonna put into the universe positive things. I’m gonna put into the universe that it’s only gonna get better and better.”

She even looks happy! And I'm happy for her. I know that this album is not going to give her the success she deserves, Hopefully it will debut at #1 granted no one else will drop an album on that day. She's off to a good start with "Body Party", now she just need to be granted a few performance.

Hopefully Billboard will snag her for their upcoming show, and maybe even the BET Awards or American Music Awards. There's so many options  and she hasn't performed at an awards show in quite some time. I hope she does this year!