Love & Hip-Hop New York Filming Has Been Put On Hold / by

If you're a fan of the show and have been awaiting the next season for the Love & Hip-Hop: New York show, then you may have to wait a bit long. A trailer was set to be filmed Tuesday but that didn't happen after half of the cast didn't show up for the set. The cast members aren't too pleased with creator Mona Scott-Yong and the VH1 producers.

The ladies stayed home to protest their contract negotiations. They want more in, they want their salaries to be doubled in order to continue filming the show. Other women want more creative control over how they're portrayed on the show. For the women that were there, they stored off the set in frustration because nothing could get done.
To get things settled, producers plan to meet with the ladies in hopes to resolve the dispute by the end of the week so that filming can commence.

This bitches pressed! I don't even watch the show, but they think they have all kinds of power and control because they're on a reality television show. Granted, we've seen careers take off from these lil shows but clearly it was after it's first season.

Everyone knew who Nene Leakes was after the first season on RHWOA. I don't know who any of these bitches are across the top of my post. I'm sure they're making a ton of money already, and now wants to be greedy. If I were the producers, I'd find other desperate women to replace them with.