Mariah Carey's Hot Ass of A Mess Good Morning America Summer Concert Series Performances / by

Yesterday, Mariah Carey kicked off the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series live in New York and when I say it was a hot was a HOT ASS MESS! She was all over the place, and so where her clothes and language.

I'm talking wardrobe malfunctions to her saying "oh shit" on live television. As for the performances, most of them were dead on with the exception of her "#Beautiful" performance. That one had some rocky vocals.

She nailed "Always Be My Baby" & "We Belong Together". Thank god Miguel didn't leg drop anyone during the show. Check it all out below.
"Always Be My Baby"

"We Belong Together"


For one, she looked GREAT! She didn't look a bit of 30 years old. That's a good thing. Her first two performances were good. She sounded great but I did get tired of looking at her standing in that same spot moving that hand up and down, round and round. I was getting hypnotized at one point. I mean it's all I pay attention to.

Her wardrobe malfunction was just all over the place. Next time she should just simply try a bigger size. Don't waste precious air time that people like Ashanti, Ciara and other starving acts would kill for. She/s supposed to be performing and interviewing but instead someone is on stage attempting to snap her dress back together when clearly it's too small. I could see her damn heart beat.

Also, her lingo on  live television is just a no go! I wonder if they will fine her for that? It wasn't bleeped out or anything. She cursed more than once as well. Your highness just thinks she can do whatever she she's a grown woman. But hey, it's Mariah. She can get away with murder.

You know when an artist dances......or tries to, it takes the attention away from their vocals, like Rihanna..........yeah, that's how I felt about Mariah's performance with "#Beautiful". She didn't dance,but she was going so much. Like she had that damn left toe pointed out like she was a queen daaaaahhling.

I was like "no she didn't." Miguel sound great, but like I said before, this sounds like his song featuring Mariah. Clearly she was having sound and microphone issues. It got kind of weird towrards the end. Watching her attempt to sing those whistle notes just cracks me the hell up, becuase she looks like a constipated baby bird begging for food while trying to take a crap. There! I said it!