NEW VIDEO | Mariah Carey - "#Beautiful" (feat. Miguel) [Explicit Version] / by

In an attempt to keep the juices flowing and her lazy lambs satisfied, Mariah Carey unwrapped an "explicit" version of her "#Beautiful" video which features Miguel. The regular version premiered earlier this month followed by a performance on American Idol and the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series.

The song has surprisingly done well on the charts, sitting at #20 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart and making it her first return to that area since God said let there be light. Any who, this new version is far from explicit. We hear the "fucking" word and we see a few glimpses of her underwear while she was dancing "provocatively" in front of Miguelito. Check it out below.

I still think she looked amazing! I can't get over that body and how she was wearing that yellow dress. She looked so good. The video was just as good. The only scene that was eliminated was the mortorcycle shots. Other than that, same ole thing...defintely not explicit! Your thoughts?