Rihanna's Working on Her EIGHTH Album / by

Rihanna releases albums more than you release gas from your ass on an annual basis. It's been confirmed that an EIGHTH album is in the works as producers are already submitting tracks and productions to be featured on it.

Rodney "Darkchild" Jenkins spoke with "The Source TV" when he spilled the beans about working with  a number of artists like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Jessie J and a few others. That's when he revealed that he submitted material for the Barbadian princess's upcoming album.

“I was working with Britney actually at the end of the year. She had me come on The X Factor show and do something with her, so we’ll see what happens if we get a chance to work together” he says. “I am working with Mariah. 
I am working with Jennifer Lopez. I just finished a couple songs with Jessie J over in London and I also wrote a couple of songs that are being considered for Rihanna’s new album, so there’s a lot of good stuff happening so we’ll see”.

Well.....I thought her ass was done with "Unapologetic" but I guess I was wrong. I'm starting to lose count and can't keep track of her albums. There's just too many of them to remember. EAch time she puts out an album, she becomes less and less personable. I mean, I could be a celebrity if I walked into a studio and had a platter of songs to choose to sing and record for a new album.

Hell, I could even get off a plane and use my HTC ONE phone to snap a few photos and send them up to my label for my album's packaging. I could also be mean and rude to my fans on Instagram and start beef with Ciara and breakup, get back together, break up , get back together and break up again with Chris Brown....Make me the star!!

Someone make her have several seats....