Ashanti Releases Album Tracklisting / by

July 30th is the day that Ashanti's new album "BraveHeart" will see the light of day. According to Toya, the project has seen more push backs than Stevie Wonder's hairline. The album is preceded by the singles "The Woman You Love", "No One Greater", "That's What We Do" and the new anthem "Never Should Have".

So far she has hit up the stage in Vegas and on the Marie show to perform her latest single. She's also become a well rounded character on her stint on the show "Army Wives". Next week on June 19th, she will hit the stage of the Katie Couric show to further promote the highly delayed album. Get a load of the 13 tracks below, two of which are intro's and outro's.

1. Intro Braveheart 
2. The Wait Is Over 
3. Woman You Love 
4. Mine 
5. No One Greater (feat. French Montana & Meek Mill) 
6. She Can’t 
7. Perfect So Far 
8. 3 Words 
9. Never Should Have 
10. That’s What We Do (feat. R. Kelly) 
11. R.I.P. 
12. Bonefied Survivor 
13. Outro