FIRST LISTEN | Ciara - "Ciara" [Full Standard Edition] / by

The album is set for a July 9th release date, which is a little over three weeks away, but that didn't stop Ciara's latest effort from hitting the web. Her fifth album "Ciara" has sprung a leak. The 10 track LP contains the single "Body Party".

The project it's self features Nicki Minaj and Future on the standard edition and Rick Ross and B.o.B. is enlisted on the deluxe edition. Soundz, Future, Darkchild, The Underdogs and Ciara herself are among the producers. Listen to the full album below and share your thoughts.

1. I’m Out (Feat. Nicki Minaj) 
2. Sophomore 
3. Body Party 
4. Keep On Lookin’ 
5. Read My Lips 
6. Where You Go (Feat. Future) 
7. Super Turnt Up (Feat. Ciara) 
8. DUI 
9. Livin’ It Up (Feat. Nicki Minaj) 
10. Overdose

What does this mean for Ciara? I mean, she's the queen of album leaks. This is the third album that leaked well before it's release date. It's like, she needs a new team! She needs to do things differently and revamp her squad because they're not doing too hot. 

This will definitely cramp her album sales. Luckily iTunes and Target have exclusive bonus tracks, but that won't really save her. From what I hear, the album is dope! The tracks are stellar, but stellar tracks aren't enough to push records, not even having #1 hits.

But whatever, just be happy you get to listen to the album...enjoy and share your thoughts below.