FRESH MUSIC | Michelle Williams - "If We Had Your Eyes" / by

The time has come. Michelle Williams has officially released her brand new single "If We Had Your Eyes". The R&B and Gospel infused track was crafted by Harmony Samuels from BOE Global. The track is lifted from her upcoming fourth studio album.

The Destiny's Child alumni sings about seeing from the perspective of God. The song is gospel lyrically, and fused with an R&B production. The took a step back from her pop realm to her roots that started it all. Listen below.

The song is great. I love the production. It's not typical nor predictable. I'm also feeling the R&B fused with Gospel sound, it definitely works for her. She can actually do any type of music and it would suit her. Like I said before the last album "Unexpected" was amazing! Her time and shine with Destiny's Child was amazing so I'm sure this new album won't be a let down. Your thoughts?