Kelly Rowland Does Good Morning America + "Dirty Laundry" Video Preview / by

Her hot album "Talk A Good Game" saw the light of day yesterday and Kelly Rowland is off promoting the hell out of it. Yesterday, she went to a Best Buy in New York and signed copies of her album and earlier today she stopped by Good Morning America for a brief chat and a performance.

The singer chatted about the song "Dirty Laundry" and some of the lyrics regarding Beyonce and it's video along with a short preview, they also talked about the new Destiny's Child song "You Changed" and how it felt to reunite. She also performed "Street Life". Check out the goods below.

On "Dirty Laundry" video:
I think it’s important to show real emotion and in the video, it happened. We are going through take after take and I’m like, “Okay guys! That’s enough. I think ya’ll like watching these tears come down my face!” 
On Beyonce:
That line (“While my sister was on stage, I was enraged”) is so often misunderstood and I know how it could be. The crazy thing about that song is, I was going through my own personal battle. So when [Beyoncé's] doing her thing, I’m over here thinking, ‘What am I going to do next? What do I wanna do with my life? I’m going through this relationship, smiling for people in public, going through so much pain and thinking about what I wanted for myself…and I just wanted more. The song turned into something so positive for me and I am so happy that it did.