Keri Hilson Updates Fans On Music Absence / by

Keeeerii! You got some xplainin' too doooo...! After rumors of why Keri Hilson has been off the radar surfaced all over the interweb over the past few months, the singer decided to take to Twitter to clear up a few things. She also posted a few vacation pictures on her Instagram account.

She was plagued with rumors of being pregnant, being blacklisted by the industry due to the Beyonce hate she's been spreading over the years, even as far as quitting music altogether. But in reality, she songstress has been enjoying her life and newly found love with the man you see above.

Here are the tweets that she updated fans with yesterday about her absence.

Be expecting a new single soon. She may have been on vacation but she's also been putting work in the studio. Check out a few more vacay snaps below.

Pretty girl rock.