Man Has Sex With Unconscious Woman; Says He Did It To Save Her Life / by

In wtf news of the day,  50 year-old Rodger William Kelly from Utah has been arrested for allegedly having sex with his 29 year old neighbor while she was unconscious. He claims that he only did it to keep her warm. According to police documents, he found her on her porch unresponsive, that's when he decided to carry her over to his home to change her clothes................*side eye*

From there, he put her on his bed and lied down next to her. He began hugging her to get her temperature up and then had sex with her to warm her up. He said that he was trying to save her life. Police didn't buy it, so he was arrested and charged with first degree felony rape. The incident happened May 19th.

When paramedics arrived, Kelly was giving the woman CPR. It was only later when she told police she might have been raped did they launch an investigation. 
She had bruising on her pelvic and upper thighs, according to court documents. A rape kit was inconclusive because the alleged victim's vaginal area was cleaned while she was sedated. 
Kelly told police that the two previously were intimate, but admitted the woman had told him before the incident that she didn’t want to have sex with him again.

Source: Daily Mail 

Now what kind of shit? He couldn't think of anything else to say? He could've simply said she blacked out while we were having sex. How in the bloody hell does sticking your penis inside of someone keep them warm?

Hell it's the middle of May when this happened so it's not like it was cold. Even still, that's what fires and blankets are for, not penises....He should've gotten arrested...damn retard! Desperate for sex. Might as well go to the morgue if that's the case.