Mariah Carey Announces New Album Release Date / by

The wait is over for you desperate lambs. You've been waiting for a nice long four years for this moment to come. Mariah Carey announce some exciting news via Twitter yesterday to her 11 million followers across the world.

With one failed single "Triumphant" with what's his face and Rick Ross and one hit single "#Beautiful" with the help of Miguel, her album has received the green light. It just takes one hit single in order to get a release date. July 23rd is the date, so mark those calendars. Peep the tweet below.

This has been a long time coming. Her album is dropping next month! That means we should be getting an album cover soon, a track-list, production credits and so much more. I'm not excited about the album because I don't really care for her. Though I love the "#Beautiful" song, that's thanks to Miguel. If he produces more tracks on the new album, then I shall get a tad bit more excited. But watch my words....that will DEFINITELY get pushed back. Watch and see..