Michelle Williams Teases New Single / by

The wait is over. Michelle Williams has begun kicking off the promotion for her music comeback. The ex-Destiny's Child alumni has been hitting the studio hard and heavy with producer Harmony Samuels. The pair have been crafting a project that's a cross between R&B and Gospel.

That exact cross can be heard in the single that she will be premiering on June 24th. The name of the song is called "If We Had Your Eyes" and she uploaded a 30 second instrumental onto her Youtube page. Give it a listen below.

I'm excited simply becuase I loved her last album "Unexpected". I swear I always say that she paved the way for the euro-pop division in the U.S. becuase her album dropped before Lad Gaga's regin and Chris Brown's "Forever".

Had she released that album a year or two later than it's original date, she would've had a certified pop hit album on her hands. But what can you do? I can't wait to hear what she's serving up with Harmony and the BOE Global crew! Stay tuned.