NEW VIDEO | Miley Cyrus - "We Can't Stop" / by

Miley Cyrus declared her independence and showed off her ass....literally in her new video for the single "We Can't Stop". The song was crafted by Mike Will and the video was directed by Diane Martel. Apparently, Miley went for a "black" vibe while recording the song and wanted the same with the video.

While I don't think she achieved either of them, I love them both. The song is catch and the lyrics are very mature for her. The video is just as raunchy as a few of the lyrics. She's partying, twerking, grabbing asses, kissing on dolls and men. Not to mention she looked absolutely stunning. Hannah Montana who? Check out the video below.

Folk are comparing her new song and now the new video to Rihanna....I can see where it's coming from but I have to disgree because Miley is in her own lane. But, do you think this style and image she's portraying is just a phaze? If it fails, will she ditch it and go over to sweet innocent country pop?