Rihanna Slaps Fan With Microphone / by

Looks like Rihanna took a few notes from Chris Brown. During one of her shows over seas last night, she singer performed in front of a sold out crowd in Birmingham, UK. She was interacting with the crowd and walked the line with her security so that she could touch the hands of her adoring #navy.

One #navy member however got a hold of her and didn't want to let go. So Rihanna did what she knew best, she popped her upside the head with her microphone and kept on performing like nothing happened. How's that for "Unapologetic"? Check out the clip below.

Rihanna also responded to the situation via Insttagram. She's not one to hold her tongue. A fan posted a picture saying Rihanna hit someone with the mic by accident and she replied...

Cold blooded....shame Rihanna, violence is never the answer!!