WATCH | The Game: Season 6, Episodes 9 & 10 / by

Meanwhile, in the world of BET, I thought that I was extra behind and needed to play catch up on The Game. But I was only two episodes behind. Their last new episode was May 21st and it begins again July 2nd. That's a nice long break.

So below are episodes 9 and 10 which will catch you up to episode 11 once it airs this Tuesday. Within bout episodes, we see Kiera reveal that she's a virgin, her and Blue get closer and has sex, Tasha gets proposed to by Pookie when she was supposed to break up with him after Rick Fox put her under pressure.

Chardonnay was caught in the middle and was forced to tell Jason about Tasha's love triangle after his suspicions rose about her cheating. As you can see in the screen capture is when it all went down. The show ended here with Jason demanding Tasha to tell Pookie what is going on. Peep it below.
Episode 9

Episode 10