ASK DIMP | Why Do You Continue To Blog When You Don't Receive Comments? / by

An anonymous reader writes...

Good afternoon Dimp. I don't come to you blog often because it's not hot! It's not popping and it's kind of dull...well, it used to LOOK dull but now I see that you've spruced it up a bit. It's starting to look like an actual source for news. I also saw that you were welcoming questions that you would openly respond to, so I thought I'd send one your way. 
Why do you continue to blog almost every day when you don't get any love in the comments? Most of all of your posts have big fat ZEROS on them but you still post away. Doesn't it feel like a waste of time if you're not getting comments? I would have been stopped if it were me. 
-Singed Anonymous

My answer below....

Hey, to whomever you are,

I was once told that "even though there are no comments, it doesn't mean that people aren't reading." That has been stuck in my mind every time I doubt and question what I'm doing and why am I doing it. I also do it because I love it. I love giving out my opinion on certain things and I love informing people about music and stuff that I'm interested in.

I mean, who wouldn't love to get comments right? I would love doing this even more than I already do if I had a group of people or fans that commented on everything that I posted. But I guess that will come in due time. I'm keeping my patience because that is one of my goals. It is to obtain a bigger following and to generate more comments.

But one thing for sure is that I do have a lot of readers. A lot of people visit my page. Check out this data.

They may not be the highest numbers but it is an indication that my blog has been visited from all over the world. From Atlanta to Asia, people have been reading my posts and stories that I do. And that my friend, is good enough for me. Thanks for the email and I hope that this answers your question!