Beyonce Teases "Bow Down" Video + Performance / by

She continues to tease and never deliver. Her teasers sends her fans through the rough and it prompts them to believe that new music or even an album is on the way. But little do they know. Yesterday, Beyonce released a teaser clip of the much talked about "Bow Down" song that leaked a few months back.

It's a very short 4 second clip with shows her looking flawless. She also performed the song for the very first time as  an intro to her "Diva" song during her "Mrs. Carter" world tour. You better believe that she didn't give you any more than you've already heard. Check out both clips below.

The desperate fans took time to actually SLOW DOWN the 4 second clip making it into a 16 second one so you can actually see it longer.

And here is her rocking out the performance.