Ciara Does 106th & Park / by

Ciara took over 106th & Park and sat with her ex-boyfriend Bow Wow and his ex-girlfriend Angela about awkward. But it's not even about that, it's about the release of Ciara's self titled new album and it's promotion.

The singer chatted about the new album, recording sessions and the vibe of it. She also chatted about the much talked about BET Awards performance and the creations of some of the tracks on the album. She also took to the stage to perform "D.U.I." and "Body Party" with B.o.B. Check it below.


Body Party

First and foremost, I had to applaud her for the Aaliyah essemble. The hat, the shirt and glasses just screamed out Baby Girl to me. Secondly, I don't know why she comes off as dull in the interviews. No matter where she goes or who she talks to, I just feel that she's giving too much and she's aklways been like that.

No one really catches her jokes and her answers end awkwardly and the fans have to clap to que to hosts to move on to the next questions. If you watch her interviews on youtube, it happens in ALL of them. I don't know why I feel like that, but it's like she tries to be TOO genuine and TOO real. I think she needs a dose of fakeness.

As for that "D.U.I." performance, I don't know what cat crawled down her throat and died but she sounded a mess. She croaked her way through the what I will assume to be acoustic version of the song. It wasn't pleasing. But the "Body Party" performance was everything!