Ciara Drops "Read My Lips" & "Livin' It Up" Video Snippets / by

Ciara is celebrating the release of her new album today. The self title project was released and is sitting steady at the #2 spot on iTunes right behind Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail". Her single "I'm Out" with Nicki Minaj has climbed up to #16 on their top 100 singles chart as well.

To help further it's promotion, she planed on releasing short video snippets of 5 songs from the album. So far we've got "D.U.I." and "Sophomore". Now today she gave us "Read My Lips" and "Livin' It Up". She said she wanted fans to experience the album in a different way. Check them out below.

"Read My Lips"

"Livin It Up"

Well, they're better than nothing. I guess I had my own vision of what I wanted a few of these videos to look like. Especially with "D.U.I.", "Livin' It Up" and "Read My Lips". I had the videos all mapped out and the ones she released is not what I visioned. But again, it's better than nothing so I'll be grateful. At least she looks good! Your thoughts?