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Clearly this woman is here to stay and she has millions of fans around the globe. Rihanna is one of today's biggest artists. She's sold millions of albums and singles worldwide, twelve #1 singles and one #1 album. Yes just threw shade, catch it bitches! She has tons of collaborations, lots of producers want to work with her because she will definitely turn their shit in to gold or even platinum. Look at Calvin Harris, he's off dating Rihanna's twin Rita Ora because he's so hot now.

She's one of the most debated about people ever when it comes to her voice, dancing, performing, her choice of men, smoking weed, public intoxication and more but the world adores her it and her IDGAF attitude. With that being said, in her 8 year career span, she's managed to drop 7 albums, each with their own distinctive look and sound. I would like to know which of these trashy ass albums are your favorite a n why? Or even if you have a favorite song from one of these body's of work...which is it?

This album wins in my book. It's my favorite piece of Rihanna work. I feel that this album pushed her creatively and vocally. I could listen from start to finish without skipping a track. My favorite song from this would have to be "California King Bed".

Though she sang over a demo, which she does on all of her albums,she sang it to the T! I still think that it is her best vocal performance to date on any other song that she's ever done in her little life. The cover as well is just stunning. I love the red, I love the filter and I love her face! It just screamed grown and sexy for me. If I had to put them in order from "Hot to Not" it would be...

1. Loud 
2. Rated R 
3. Good Girl Gone Bad 
4.Music of the Sun 
5. A Girl Like Me
6. Unapologetic 
7. Talk That Talk

Now it's your turn. Vote and comment below and tell me why the hell you like "Unapologetic" or "Talk That Talk".......and be ready for some backlash because as you can see from my list above, I absolutely hate BOTH of the albums and here's why. Right after "Loud", it just seems as if she was creating music just becuase.

It's like she just decided, okay, I wanna do another album. Get me more music to sing. The she would trollop her ass into a recording studio, get music from The-Dream, Ester Dean, and listen to the demo and basically repeat everything that she heard. The exact same why.

There's no artistry in that. There wasn't even an attempt to do what Beyonce does and change vowels to constants or use "I" instead of "We" to get a writing credit or to even just make it sound different. To sum it up, I feel that these last two albums had no meaning or purpose.

Her ass shot the packing from "Unapologetic" while she was getting off of a jet. Who does that and calls it artwork? UGH...Alright, I am done bashing her!  Vote and Comment below.