EXCLUSIVE | Interview With Jennifair & Drum Mage: Part I / by

Its been a long time coming. Jennifair and Drum Mage has finally found time in their busy schedule to give me my damn interview! Over the past few months, they have been back and forward to New York and putting the finishing touches on her new project called "S.I.N.S." which is coming soon.

The Mogul Media Records starlet has granted me access to some footage of them putting together the record for her first single "Temptation", which is hotter than the temperatures in Chicago! They also talk about the title of the project, the creativity process and who they'd like to see twerk! Check out the first installment of this multi-part interview below.

This was just part one! There will be more to come! Also, I've never in my days thought about Michelle Obama twerking. She does have a donk! She's also from Chicago so I KNOW she has some type of ratchet tendencies in her. She prolly be twerking hard for Barack!

Thanks Jen, now I wanna see Michelle Obama twerk! I also listened to "Temptation" and it's very different. Just like Drum Mage said, when they are told to step inside the box, they do it,but it still sounds outside of the box. The song is a pure example of that.

Stay tuned for more! Thanks Jennifair, Drum Mage and the Mogul Media Staff for making it happen and letting it all fall into place! Also big shout to these individuals, Toia Vega, 330, Temper, Top Bottom, Tracy8, & Thomaz!