FRESH MUSIC | Beyonce - "Part II (On the Run)" [Solo Version] / by

The BeyHive is just doing the very most. They are so desperate for new Beyonce music, that they chop up and loop tracks to create a damn single. It was done for "Grown Woman" and "Standing on the Sun". Now it looks as if someone chopped up the "Part II (On the Run)" song lifted from Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" album.

This is Jay's song and Beyonce is a featured artist, but obviously she ha enough vocals on the track to make it a full length song. A solo version was created and it does not feature Jay. I love the original and I have to say that this one works just as well. I just can't believe how thirsty the stans are for new music that they would go to these lengths for something new. Listen below.

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