Khia Goes In On Beyonce, Ciara, Ashanti, Love & Hip-Hop Cast & More / by

Now, this woman is just quite the comedian! The girl is funny as shit!! A few years ago, I posted about her roast from A to Z. Apparently she did it last year and just uploaded a new one this year. They're called "4th of July Vlog". It's a segment where she starts from letter A and go all the way to Z and talk about celebrities.

She calls out them and their doings over the past year, rumors and all. She went in on Beyonce saying that she needs to stop stealing people's thought and ideas and that she looked like she was covered in dirt during her Flaunt magazine shoot. It's a full 48 minutes but it is so damn funny! Last time I watched it she had a ton of papers, this time she has a iPad. Watch it below.

I cant!! Frank Ocean got some heat. She said he used the gays to sell albums! She refured to Kirk Franklin's fans as "church hoes"! Told Beyawnce that North West flew from Southeast and knocked Blue Ivy off the map!

I mean god, I sat and watch all 48 minutes, it was so funny. "Tired, through and delayed" is her thing. God I wish I could type everything she said but you just have to watch it! She snatched some damn wigs again with this one! She's  so filthy and I love it!