Mariah Carey Rushed to the Hospital With Dislocated Shoulder / by

She should take this as a sign that this "#Beautiful" movement she's trying to create is overkill and move on to the next. Apparently Mariah Carey was rushed to the hospital after an incident on the set of her new video that she's shooting with Young Jeezy.

She was said to wear wearing 6" heels on the set and too a bad tumble while in them. Doctors concluded that she dislocated her shoulder and that she will be fine. The video was directed by husband Nick Cannon where it is said that filming had completed before the fall.

Her rep confims the incident by releasing the following statement...

"Mariah injured herself while filming a video with Jeezy for the remix of #Beautiful, directed by her husband Nick Cannon. She was taken to hospital late last night, where doctors reset her shoulder. She is fine."

Yeah let this be a sign that A: she needs to stop it with the "#Beautfiil" remixes and songs. Then B: she needs to dress her age. What the hell is she doing wearing 6" stilletos at the age of 64? That is a no no Mariah!

I get that she still wants to appear and be young and do the things she did in her 20's but girl as you can you are a fragile old lady. Dislocating your shoulder is tacky and not a good look. But I'm glad that you're okay!