Mariah Carey Shoots ANOTHER "#Beautiful" Video / by

And yall thought I was lying and being mean. No, this bitch can't take a hint. Over two months ago, Mariah Carey dropped her single with Miguel and it peaked at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100. It has now dropped to #17 and she is continuing to milk that top 20 success the best way she can.

 I did tell you there were 76 different versions and 3 different videos, now get ready for the 4th. She ust shot the video for the remix of "#Beautiful" with Young Jeezy. Instead of moving on to the next single, she milks and drys out the other.....girl boom!

Her album, "The Art of Letting Go" has also seen a push back. Originally scheduled for a July 23rd release, it now has no date, or cover. But I did tell you that it was going to happen! I know these things!