NEW VIDEO | Mariah Carey - "#Hermosa" (feat. Miguel) / by

Mariah Carey has officially took the crown from Beyonce when it comes to milking the hell out of a single. This late bitch couldn't settle for one release of a single, but she went on to record 76 other versions of the same song in different languages and cultures and remixes in an attempt to appeal to the worldwide audience like she once did in the earlier parts of her fading career.

After lip syncing her way through her performance at the BET Awards, and releasing the first video to the song "#Beautiful", she released an "explicit" version of the video which was far from that and now we have the spanglish version of the song and video along with Miguel and when I tell you that this looks like a compilation of home videos and that it's cheaper than Rihanna's entire "Unapologetic" era..