NEW VIDEO | Willow - "#Summerfling" / by

You know, Willow has came a long a very different way. Just three years ago she rocked out heads with the hit "Whip My Hair", which is her best selling effort to day. Then she tried to rock our socks with "21st Century Girl" and "Fireball". Those were met with criticism and negative reviews so it looks as if her entire debut album "Knees & Elbows" was scrapped.

Since then, we've seen her release music about her identity like "I Am Me" and record tracks with her brother and so on and so forth. She even pulled out of the Annie musical remake because she wanted to just like her life as a kid according to mommy Jada Pinkett and she's doing just that. It's clearly seen with the release of this new video called "#summerfling". Check it out below.

Well, the song is cute, and so is the video. I just think that she is a bit too young to be singing about love and hanging around women in bikini and what not. I mean, yes this is 2013, but she's only 12 years old. She can't even fill out the daisy dukes she was wearing. She's so small, tiny and still  a kid. This song shoud've been for someone else. but le me watch what I say because you know Jada will be quick to hop on Facebook to defend hers. Say something negative and bitches be like..