SHE'S BACK | Lady Gaga Sets "ARTPOP" Release Date, New Single Due Aug. / by

Well, look what the wind blew in. I woke up with this news via text message from one of her biggest fans. Lady Gaga is about to return to the throne and snatch wig after wig as she's set a release date for her new album "ARTPOP" and her new single.

Apparently, she's also releasing a music app that will in turn change the way music on conceived today. It's supposed to integrate fans with music, fashion and art from all over the world. Her album is also being refereed to as "The BIG BANG!"

The new album is due out on Nov. 11, just in time for Christmas and the holiday. It will be available for pre-order on Sept. 1, and the new single is coming out Aug. 19. Knowing her and her team, there will be no push backs. Check out the press release below.

This is exciting news! It looks as if she's fully recovered from that surgery she had which made her cancel the remaining of her tour. I'm curious to see what sound she's going for and how her return will be accepted. I want to see if she still has the power in this industry.

It feels like she's been gone for an eterintiy. But she's about to make that return. The question is will she shut it down again? Will she sell 1.2 million copies of "ARTPOP" in one week? Time will tell....get excited Little Monsters and tell Rihanna to hold on to her holiday wigs!