WATCH | The Game: Season 6, Episode 11 / by

The Game returned to your television last Tuesday! In the explosive episode we saw Tasha's love triangle come to an end as she chose lust over love. Jason outed to Pookie that she was creeping with Rick Fox and it all went down from there.

Pookie didn't offer any forgiveness to Tasha for what she did and wants her to live with it. Jason and Chardonnay had a micro meltdown about the entire situation and he order her to befriend Tasha. Blue and Kierra still aren't on speaking terms.

Malik and Tasha had a nice mother and son moment as he came to comfort her after hearing what happened between her and Pookie. It was touching to see. Be sure to tune in next Tuesday for the next episode. In the meantime, check out episode 11 below.