WATCH | R&B Divas LA: Season 1, Episode 1 / by

In case you missed the premiere of R&B Divas LA a few days ago, you can catch up on it right here. The TV One series is a spin off from the original R&B Divas which has been approved for a third season. This new cast however, is centered around Los Angeles and has a few new faces.

The cameras follow around Kelly Price, Miclel'le; Dr. Dre's baby mama & who sounds like a fucking chipmonk, Lil Mo, Chante Moore, Claudette Oritz; from the group City High, and Dawn Robinson; from En Vogue. The premiere started off just as very bland. There was no drama.

The semi-scripted series is rumored to follow to tracks of ever other reality show, so apparently the next episode is supposed  to be filled with back stabbing drama. But until then, check out each of these woman as they perform a few of their hits on stage and Chante stealing the spotlight!

I have to point out a few things after watching this show. Dawn looks like she could be Michelle Williams older sister. They look and talk just a like! Look at this side by side!

You see it right? I mean during the entire episode, that's is all that I could think of. Next, Michel'le and her annoying ass voice! I swear to god I just don't believe that she talks like that. She sounds like Alvin, Simon, Theodore and all there of their girlfriends mixed up in one! Just listen to her.

But sings like this!

She talks like that throughout the entire show! Lastly, looking at Claudette Ortiz did nothing but remind me of B. Scott! I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. B. Scott is far from ugly but he is a man. I don't think Claudette would take it as a compliment. Maybe I should say that he is mimicked his entire look after her? Shit or maybe they're related. Look!

See what I mean? I want to hear more of her back story about the things that went down in City High. I think her story is the most interesting throughout the bunch. As well as Chante's relationship with Kenny Lattimore. I did not know thet were divorcing after 10 years. Shit's crazy. But anywho, hope you enjoyed she show. See ya next week!