4EverKelz Throws SHADE at BlameItOnKway (TeeTee) / by Dimp

(Left:) 4everkelz (Right:) Blameitonkway

These two guys have been doing the social media thing for quite a few years now. I remember 4everkelz when he started on Vine. My first time seeing T.T. in action was during the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...well, back then he was going by CoaCoa. Now, the name is Blameitonkway. So I will refer to him as that throughout the post.

Well, this morning I was dong my daily rounds on Instagram browsing stories and 4everkelz threw shade and more shade....AND MORE SHADE at Blameitonkway. I never knew of the two having beef but clearly, there is some tension. So a few days ago, Blameitonkway dropped this video.

Basically, it is of the three dancing to the mighty remix of the "CASH ME OUT HOW BOUT DAH". According to the comments on the many pages that this video was posted on, people are not too thrilled because there was nothing remotely funny about the video. Blameitonkway is known for his funny clips where he's being ghetto, ratchet, going off on his friends or boyfriends etc.. But this didn't set well with some of his fans. Nor did it sit well with 4everkelz. After he came across the video, he went onto his IG and had this to say.

*Sips Tea* Well, I ain't one to gossip but I will call a spade a spade! Kelz basically came for Kway. CLEARLY HE DID. There is no denying it. He had every right to do so. I mean, I do agree with him. Because after I saw the video (and other recent ones) I didn't crack a smile. I wondered what the hell was he doing? This isn't TeeTee, not the one that cracked me up watching the short videos. People say that they don't change but clearly, they do. 

The real question is, will Blameitonkway respond? Lets make sure he sees this video so that he will respond!