Beyoncé Sued For "Formation" Sample / by Dimp

It looks like Beyoncé is in hot water with the law...again! This time, my BFF is being sued for ALLEDGELY stealing a sample and using it on her single "Formation".

According to TMZ, the estate of Messy Mya, a YouTube star who was shot and killed a few years ago, filed a suit against Beyoncé for using a small sample from a memorable song of his. See below.

Barré’s estate claims Beyonce straight-up ripped the deceased artist’s exact “I like that” phrase — in his voice — without permission ... and then went on to make millions off the track. Barré, a YouTube star, was shot and killed in 2010. 

The estate goes on to claim they tried talking to Beyonce about the sample ... but says she blew them off.

Now, the estate is asking for more than $20,000,000 in back royalties and other damages for using some of his final recorded words.

What I don't understand about this is how she is being sued from using a SIX second audio clip from the man's video. The video has a YouTube Standard Licence and Bey got the approval from YouTube to sample the clip in her music. So I am not understanding this suit.

AND ANOTHER THING! The song has been out for over a year now, what took them so long to file? Bey has incorporated this man's video in her Formation World Tour and some of his videos on a few mini documentaries. It's not like she didn't give credit. I just don't see how the family has a case here. The content was uploaded to YouTube, it belongs to YouTube. Case closed.

They are reaching for that $20M. SMH But they are